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September 11, 2011

This is my first post on wordpress.com.  As a student at University of Nebraska, Kearney, I am just learning the basics of developing a website.  I think it is a challenge just to establish a site on WordPress.com.

While posting some basic information on this site, I am also learning Dreamweaver, how to use my laptop as a server, so I can begin testing .php and html5 code, and jquery to collaborate with others as web tools continue to innovate.

Since I am dealing with a  hip disability that causes  a lot of pain and limited mobility.  I am also discovering how pain affects learning.  It’s not easy and definitely causes some pausing in learning how to use all these new latest and greatest applications.

As a reader of this post, do add your comments on how you deal with pain so you are able to maintain your friendships, overcome pain episodes, establish or maintain employment.

I have found that yoga,  and massage therapy sure help.

I hope to keep adding links to health web-sites, and personal web-sites, as I learn about blogging and web development.


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